What we're about

We promote good times and community through inclusive and have-fun oriented cycling activities. Meet new people and explore NYC on one of the best folding bikes in the world - whether you own your own Brompton, are just beginning to learn about bicycles, or simply want to explore new ways of experiencing city life. Scenic rides in all 5 boros, food rides, longer adventure rides - we really go anywhere we can imagine taking a bike! We look forward to meeting you!

We are an open and inclusive community for anyone and everyone. That means you! Join us.

Be sure to use the hashtag #BromptonNYC & tag us on your pictures to share your Brompton adventures.

Brompton New York Code of Conduct

In order to have a safe and fun group, we request that all of our community members follow some basic rules to ensure that everyone has a great time.

• We welcome any kind of bike and any type of rider in our group. However, some rides may be better suited to specific types of bikes and riders. If you’re not sure if a ride is right for you or your bike, just ask! We’re happy to help.

• No one gets left behind! We wait for all riders and finish the ride together.

• We do not encourage drinking alcohol and riding. However, if drinking and riding are taking place at the same event, we are responsible and arrange for appropriate transportation.

• Helmets are recommended to all riders.

• We are honest about our ability to participate. We only commit to events we plan to attend.

• We do not use this platform to sell anything. This group is purely for social purposes.

Upcoming events (4+)

Prospect Park Moonlight Ride

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Every fourth Saturday!

Let's get a Brompton contingent to join the Prospect Park Moonlight Ride hosted by NYC Times Up. Discover Prospect Park at night with a Peaceful ride that visits the park’s little-known treasures.

We'll meet at the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park at 7:00pm and join the other bikers for this beautiful evening ride. The official ride starts at 7:15pm.

The official Times Up ride last for about an hour. After it ends, we'll do a bonus loop around the park, then head to Vanderbilt Open Streets for snacks and entertainment.

This ride will be canceled in case of rain or unpleasant weather.

A bit more about Time's Up:
This ride is hosted by the Time's Up environmental group and is open to all bicycles. Our meetup provides a contact point for Bromptons to find each other and form a Brompton contingent within the other bikes that join this ride.

This is a slow, casual, peaceful ride in the moonlight. Bromptons are free to stick together, or break out in smaller groups within the other bicycles that join. You will be riding in the dark, close to other bicycles, so make sure your lamps are charged and tires full.

Here's a link to the Time's Up site where you can read about the good work they do to promote urban cycling, community gardens, and environmental education: times-up.org/rides/moonlight-ride-prospect-park

Brompton PopUp at Smorgasburg - Prospect Park, Breeze Hill

Needs a location

Join us at the largest weekly free open-air festival in Brooklyn at Prospect Park - Smorgasburg! Find Brompton alongside some of the best street food vendors in the city. We'll have yard games with prizes from our collaboration with Brooklyn Roasting, bikes to ride, AND you can enter our sweepstakes to win a Brompton bike! We look forward to celebrating great food, bicycles and enjoying spring weather with you!

We will be at 4 Smorgasburg events this year:
May 15th - Prospect Park
May 22nd - Prospect Park
May 29th - Prospect Park
June 18th - Williamsburg/Kent Ave

Find more about Smorgasburg at https://www.smorgasburg.com

Weekly Prospect Park Wednesday Morning Ride

Needs a location

Every Wednesday!

Anyone looking for inspiration and community for your morning ride? Let's ride the Prospect Park Loop with a pack of Bromptons.

We'll ride two times around Propect Park. Afterwards, we'll have lattes and croissants at a bakery cafe 4 blocks from the park... or zoom off to work if your time is limited.

This is intended as a short and sweet ride before your morning commute, but if riders are in the mood to add more loops, we're in!

We stick to our departure time: 7:35am
As a morning ride, we need to ensure a consistent start time so people can plan around it for their work day. Thus, we'll unfold and ride at 7:35am. If you are running late, please post in the comments and we'll meet you for the second loop.

Happy Riding!

Tarrytown Ride

Needs a location

Welcome to the Tarrytown Ride! This is a round-trip ride from Van Cortlandt Park to Tarrytown and back again. The ride is 45-miles, on the South Country Trail portion of the Empire State Trail.

The Route
You can see the portion of the trail we'll ride on the Empire State Trail Map. On the map, it's basically from the (3) to the (4), with a side jaunt to Tarrytown.

You can also see the ride and elevation on the attached Strava screenshots.

We're meeting at Van Cortlandt Park and biking up the trail to Tarrytown. We'll have lunch in Tarrytown on the river, then ride back to Van Cortlandt Park. Shortly before the end of the ride, there's a friendly Italian restaurant with a huge outdoor terrace - we plan to stop there for a victory beer (plus pizza, sangria and more).

The Ride: Intermediate to Advanced
This is an intermediate to advanced ride. It's a relatively long distance and has one rather steep climb (350-feet over 1.25 miles). Riders should be comfortable with riding 8-10 mph for 1-2 hours with short breaks.

To Make this an Intermediate Ride
You can make this an intermediate ride if you take the train home from the half-way point after lunch in Tarrytown. This avoids the 350-foot climb out of Tarrytown. You can take the Metro North line from Tarrytown to Grand Central. The station is right next to our lunch spot.

Ride Stats

  • Level: Intermediate to advanced (or intermediate if you stop at Tarrytown)
  • Start/End: Van Cortlandt Park at the 242nd Street Station (last stop on the 1 line)
  • Distance: 45 Miles (or 22 miles if you stop at Tarrytown)
  • Speed: Average 8-10 mph
  • Elevation gains: 1550 feet (or 650 if you stop at Tarrytown)
  • Trails: 99% paved rail trail through the woods. There is a small amount of city riding in Tarrytown (small town streets).

Meeting Point and Timeline - We Depart on Time!

  • 10:30am - MEET at Van Cortlandt Park at the base of the subway stairs
  • 10:45am - DEPART on the ride! Please make sure to be on time. This is a longer ride, so we do plan to leave at the official departure time.
  • (We'll have breaks on the way in little parks)
  • 1:00pm (approximately) - Arrive in Tarrytown! Ride downhill (350-foot descent) to the Hudson - we'll visit the restaurant at the Tarrytown Boat Club for lunch on the river.
  • 3:00pm (approximately) - Depart Tarrytown, either via bicycle or via Metro North line
  • 5:00pm (approximately) - Arrive at La Lanterna Restaurant in Yonkers for dinner and drinks
  • 6:30pm - Depart La Lanterna - from here it's 7 miles back to Van Cortlandt Park.
  • 7:30 - FINISH at Van Cortlandt Park
  • (Optional - You can take the "1" line home, or join the group as we make our way home via Brompton.)

What to bring

  • This is a long ride - check your tires before you leave :-)
  • Spare inner tube
  • Headlamp and rear light (make sure they are charged - we plan to return before dark but it's good to be prepared)
  • It can sometimes be windy/chilly on the Hudson, even if it's warm inland, so plan accordingly
  • Enough water and snacks for the first 22 miles - there is only one place to stop along the way
  • Sunglasses - sometimes the trail is buggy

Safety is paramount and all riders will be required to wear helmets. We will keep a safe distance between riders on the trail.
Also please ensure your Brommie is road worthy by inflating tyres with enough pressure or stopping by the Junction or authorized Brompton dealer for a quick checkup.

This ride will cancel in the event of changes to pandemic or severe weather. If the weather looks uncertain, we will post an update on the morning of the ride by 7:00am.

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Weekly Prospect Park Wednesday Morning Ride

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