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Secondary Progressions of Mercury

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Secondary Progressions of Mercury


Secondary Progressions are an important astrological timing technique. Secondary progressions use a form of symbolic time equating a solar day with a solar year. As an example, the position of the planets on the 42nd day after you are born reveals personal developments you will experience on your 42nd birthday. Secondary progressions can serve as a tool for finding meaning in personal narratives, as they can reveal vital inner shifts and growth you will experience in life. In this way, the astrological activities of the first 100 days after our birth suggest the process of development that will unfold over the course of our lives.

After introducing secondary progressions, Gray Crawford will speak about the special considerations and nuances in interpreting the progressed mercury. Each of us are evolving in the ways we take in, process and share information with others. Our journey to think more clearly, deepen the wisdom within, and to communicate effectively can be revealed by closely studying Mercury’s peregrinations in the days after we are born.

Mercury has its own unique cycles and rhythms. Because Mercury frequently turns retrograde and then goes direct again, there are pivotal years in which the progressed mercury changes direction. Gray will introduce us to deeper threads of this shift’s meaning.

Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the sun. Often it is so close to the sun that it disappears from the sky and then later reappears. In ancient Greece, this ongoing process of mercury appearing and reappearing mirrored the journey of the messenger god between Olympus, Earth and the Underworld. In modern astrological practice, Gray will introduce us to the meaning of a year when the progressed mercury either disappears from the sky or reappears above after a period of invisibility.

Gray Crawford is a professional astrologer based in Olympia, Washington. He experiences astrology as an art of guidance and discernment for self-realization and awareness of one’s path, gifts and challenges. In his natal consultations, the birth chart is approached as a seed revealing the dynamic potential one is both evolving and returning to. In his forecast consultations, numerous astrological methodologies are employed to analyze the quality of time experienced by clients. Gray facilitates reflection upon how past periods of time inform the present moment, and looks ahead to challenging and fruitful periods.

Gray began his astrological studies in 1998, taking classes from Olympia astrologer Rosie Finn, who became a pivotal influence. Gray has studied ancient astrology in depth. He passed Demetra’s George First Hellenistic Astrology Exam on Planetary Condition with distinction, and studied in courses with Chris Brennan and Austin Coppack. In 2019, Gray became certified as a practitioner in Horary astrology through the School of Traditional Astrology, graduating with distinction. He studied directly from Deborah Houlding, Lee Lehman, Eve Dembowski, and Wade Caves in a curriculum rooted in the lineage of William Lilly.

Gray has also extensively engaged with Carl Jung, depth psychology and Dane Rudhyar. On a deeper level, he uses astrology to explore the intersections between our daily life and the ineffable nature of soul and the associated patterns making up our life stories. As in older systems of thought, Gray sees soul as the substance animating our World Soul, an underlying source of energy and matter that links our motion on Earth with the motion of the starry substance above us.
You can find him at his website: About Me | Gray Crawford

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