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The Post-Office Girl - Stefan Zweig

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The Post-Office Girl - Stefan Zweig


*rescheduled for June 2!*

Dear Great Lovers,

If you're still receiving notifications from this group, I want to say thank you for your patience during my hiatus. I'm back in New York after a long time in Greece, and have very much missed our readings and conversations.

To start back up again, I chose Stefan Zweig's The Post-Office Girl. We read Beware of Pity a few months back, and I think we were all equally captivated with Zweig's emotionally devastating writing. For Wes Anderson fans, The Grand Budapest Hotel is loosely adapted from this story. Looking very forward to discussing with you all again! x

From Goodreads:
Zweig is ruthless in his reveal of transformation and as usual, his psychological depictions are stunning because of his way with words. He forces the reader to examine the undertones of war. He knows how to turn introspection into imagery, bringing a reader so close to a character's inner thoughts that one feels the words breathe.

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