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Board Games Night in Williamsburg

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Board Games Night in Williamsburg


Come to the Bat Haus coworking and event space (459 Grand Street, Ground Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11211) for board games and making friends!

There are two large floors with beautiful lighting and plenty of tables and comfortable seating for game playing, including a large private room. As well, there is a backyard with large tables when the weather is nice. Basically, it's like a chill bar where you don't have to scream over the music.

The event fee is $10 per person (cash or Venmo at the door), which helps support the space and keep it available for game playing.

You are welcome to bring your own drinks, food, games, and friends. Private tables can be used for groups wishing to play their own games, but there will also be games with open spots to join and/or learn and to meet people.

Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Wingspan, and many other games will be available. If you are completely new to these types of tabletop games, I recommend you familiarize yourself with the classic game, Settlers of Catan, by watching this quick video. The more you know before arriving, the faster you'll be playing!

Feel free to leave a comment and us know what you'd like to play! Cheers!

Bat Haus Board Games Night!
Bat Haus Board Games Night!
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459 Grand St · Brooklyn, NY