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S1C1 Screening + Challenge 2 Kickoff!

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Caleb A. and Abdallah K.
S1C1 Screening + Challenge 2 Kickoff!


Submit films for Challenge 1 HERE. Deadline to submit is FRIDAY, March 10.
Challenge Rules for Feb 26-March 12:

  • Rule 1 (Form): Split Screen (Inlcude a split screen at some point in your film)
  • Rule 2 (Wildcard): Suspense Genre

For Challenge 1, you'll be creating a Suspense film that includes a split screen, no longer than 2.5 minutes.

Join us for our second Short Cuts film challenge at The Vino Theater in East Williamsburg!

At this event, we will screen Season 1, Challenge 1 films and KICK OFF our second film challenge. We will provide everyone with two randomly drawn rules from a hat as guidelines for participating in the challenge. After the event, you will have two weeks to create a short film no longer than 2 and a half minutes. At the next meeting, you will get the opportunity to show off your film, watch what others have made, and receive the next challenge's randomly drawn rules!

Note that no experience is required, and all you need is a camera and a way to edit and upload your film. The submission form for S1C2 will be in the next meetup event's description.


Short Cuts is a group of independent filmmakers challenging themselves to create short films every 2 weeks following a number of randomly drawn rules. Each meeting, filmmakers have the opportunity to show off their films and watch others, as well as draw the rules for the next film challenge. This group welcomes any experience level, from those who have never touched a camera, written a script, or acted in a film to seasoned veterans looking for a challenge.

COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be indoors
The event host is instituting the above safety measures for this event. Meetup is not responsible for ensuring, and will not independently verify, that these precautions are followed.
Short Cuts
Short Cuts
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