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Welcome to Let's Just Have Fun! A group that believes in the fellowship of women and the endless strength and support we are capable of giving each other throughout every stage of our lives. And let's enjoy that fellowship together while we take part in all kinds of fun activities that will engage our minds, spirits, and friendships. There's a lot of fun to be had...let's get started!!

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Let's Expand Our Culinary Palates!!

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Let's expand our culinary pallets by exploring new restaurants and sampling foods from around the world. First stop on our journey: South America, where we will enjoy a delicious meal composed of the dishes of Peru. Inca & Gaucho in Port Chester specializes in seafood, grilled meats, and pastas, served in a space with a gaucho theme and is highly recommended !

Explore the MOMA on Free Friday Nights!

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The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is a symbol of the eccentric and boisterous personality that is New York City. Nestled on 53rd Street near 5th Avenue, this museum is bursting with peculiar artwork in all shapes, sizes, and forms. From yelling clocks and hanging helicopters to the world renowned Rain Room exhibition, this imaginative museum is eye-catching to say the least. Though charging $25 for admission throughout the week, UNIQLO sponsors a free Free Friday Nights program that allows anyone and everyone to experience the museum gratis.

I will be making dinner reservations after our visit to MOMA at La Bonne Soupe, a casual French bistro with cozy ambiance and seasonal menu for those who would like to attend.

Let's Go on a Picnic!!

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The sun is shining, flowers are blooming - and that gingham blanket that's been sitting in the back of the closet all winter is ready to make its much anticipated return. That means, it's time for a picnic!

Let's Visit The Puzzle Parlor Escape Room!!

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The Puzzle Parlor is a live-action adventure that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. There are four interactive, challenging, and fun adventures to choose from; each one has it's own unique theme, story, setting, and puzzles. Today we will participate in the Vampire Adventure: our bitten friend will turn into a vampire at midnight if we don't act fast. The one thing that will save them is locked away in the mysterious Castle Ravenloft. Can we recover the vampire serum before our friend becomes foe?

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Let's Develop Our Yarn Skills!

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