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| About Us 🏫
We are Code Labs Academy, an international coding school that delivers the most up to date coding bootcamps and workshops! We deliver our courses both in-person and online. Our aim is to provide people with new and relevant knowledge in the computer science field.

| What we offer 📚
Our workshops target people from very different backgrounds, so whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will most likely find something for you! Just make sure to sign up to this group to receive new workshops notifications 📩
In addition, our teachers will help you acquire the technical skills you need to succeed in your career. Our 1:1 coaching services will give you tailored advice, no matter what your objectives in the tech world are.
We also offer live bootcamps in Cybersecurity, Data Science, UX/UI and Web Development, as well as short courses on Python and SQL. More information available on our website.

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UX/UI Design Bootcamp: Info Session

Network event

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A special session dedicated to all your questions about the Code Labs Academy UX/UI Design Bootcamp!

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| About 📝

Join Code Labs Academy and get ready to launch your career as a UX/UI designer!

Code Labs Academy specialises in intensive boot camps that will equip you with all the skills you need!

Learn how to get started with User Experience and User Interface Design (UX/UI Design). Master the art of understanding your user, creating seamless experiences, and designing high-quality interfaces.
In this boot camp, you will learn how to build a product, perfect its usability, and master designing and prototyping tools such as Figma, Figjam, Adobe XD, Sketch, and more! You will get job-ready skills, build a strong portfolio and a network!

For further information, register for this dedicated Info Session. An opportunity to meet the team and get all of your questions addressed! You'll get to learn about the course content, organisation, and results!
We look forward to e-meeting you soon!

| Prerequisites 👩‍💻No prerequisites are required! Beginner-friendly!
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Cybersecurity Certifications

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A new free webinar from Code Labs Academy!

| About
There are several types of cybersecurity certification programs. Some of them teach new hires how to utilize specific cybersecurity tools and technologies. And other ones are targeted toward experienced cybersecurity professionals to verify and demonstrate skill proficiency.
This workshop tackles different cybersecurity certifications that are worth spending money for, while also talking about different cybersecurity careers and how to choose the right one.

| Prerequisites ✅
Beginner Friendly!
Basic cybersecurity terminology and concepts

| Key takeaways 🧑‍💻
Cybersecurity roadmap
Best cybersecurity certifications
Cybersecurity careers

| Duration
45 minutes - 1 hour
Make sure to follow us for future workshops in Cybersecurity, Data Science, Web Development, and UX/UI Design!

Introduction to Object Detection with Deep Learning

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Calling all experienced coders! New a free event at Code Labs Academy!

| About
Object detection is one of the key tasks in Computer Vision. It has applications in several fields such as autonomous driving with detecting obstacles, pedestrians, and road signs.
Get to extend your Deep Learning journey with object detection! Learn about the recent architectures and solutions to build a model, capable of detecting and identifying different object categories in images.

| Prerequisites ✅
Familiar with deep learning, CNNs. Experience with PyTorch and/or Tensorflow

| Key takeaways 🧑‍💻
By the end of this workshop, you will have an overview of object detection with deep learning, and you will get to know about the different techniques used for this task.
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Discover the Machine Learning Landscape

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New exciting free training opportunity at Code Labs Academy!

| About
In this workshop, we will take a trip across the different types of machine learning algorithms and techniques.
We will discover multiple cases of usage of Machine Learning by exploring supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement algorithms.
We will also see what are the well-known ML models and how they are used. So if you want to build a global view of what is happening in Machine Learning, this is for you!

| Prerequisites ✅
No requirements! Beginner-friendly

| Key takeaways 🧑‍💻
Basic ML models
Variety of algorithms
Make sure to follow us for future workshops in Cybersecurity, Data Science, Web Development, and UX/UI Design!

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Web Development Bootcamp: Info Session

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