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Online Speed Dating Meetup (3 age groups)

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Use the following link to select the age group and first time members can book one free ticket

Create new connections and make new friends online. You'll get on one-on-one video chats for 8 minutes, then switch to the next person (both genders, within your age group).
Select one of two options "want to connect" or "don't want to connect" after each video chat. Mutual "likes" will get connected and can message each other.

Most members join from outside of this group, so the rsvp list here doesn't reflect the full list of the participants.

Age group 1: 24 - 35
Age group 2: 36 - 47
Age group 3: 48 - 69

You can join two groups if you're +/- a couple of years of the age limits. For example you're 45 and would like to join Group 2 and Group 3. You can do that. Please text if you have any questions.

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